Nihal Weligama

Aren’t our eyes blessed?

Even the commonest of sightings in our everyday life offer something noteworthy to trigger a lasting retention in our brain. As such, there is some form of art rooted in anything and everything we can visualize in our mind. But each mind seems to value what is formed in it on its own volition.

There is a painter in each of us too, and what transforms from one mind to his or her fashioning fingers is different from another mind doing the same. The quality of that assignment on the one hand depends heavily on the good merits you have inherited upon your birth and secondly, the way you have assessed and nurtured that inheritance to the desired perfection. I often believe that this rare natures’ gift to an artist is a collection of good merits accumulated for eons.

The mind that sees the beauty of the world is always calm and thereby is invigorated by that calmness itself. But the human mind tends to pursue restlessness all the time, even in what they wish for and consider as positives in life. It is this dissatisfying nature of the mind that is so baffling, - the inability to be content with what’s at hand - the psychological condition that makes mind anxious and crave. Hence the reason why inadequacies are sought even at the happiest moments when such minds are put to rest!

If humans can allocate the precious time they waste to brood - not only on the fringes of unhappiness but on their unfulfilled desires as well - for something more useful, how trouble-free the world would turn-out to be? Instead if they can identify and develop any inborn talent they possess, like attempting a brushstroke on canvass, how colourful their lives would turn-out to be?

Sadly, some discover that they can draw as late as when they had turned eighty! Often, it is when their minds have finally become restful. They had never even guessed that there had been an artist living inside them until then. All they knew was they have been busy, their minds always engrossed.

I am sure your eyes are blessed like mine...........